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  1. What is Realm For?
    -The Realm Connect App is for multiple areas of our church including for a directory, event registrations, news and communicating within groups. You can also give within the app and be able to see your individual giving records.

  2. How do I access realm?
    - The best way is downloading the Realm Connect app from your phone’s app store. You can also get there by going to  To get an account, email to request an account.

  3. Who do I contact with an issue with the Realm App?
    - Email

  4. Who can see my information in the Realm App? And can I change who see my information?
    - The individual user has control over who see personal information (other than name), along with the staff being able to see information. Within groups, other group members can see who is the same group.
    - Within in the profile, found in the more menu (...), a user can edit their personal information and update who can see the information. Hit the pencil to change any information and change who can view that information.

  5. I am getting emails and app notification, how can I change that?
    - Within the app, under the more menu (...), the user can edit their push and email notification from Realm within each group. All members are a part of the Indian Lake Peninsula Church Group (where church wide news and posts are made) and other small groups. Within each group, including the ILPC group there are notification settings. To navigate to these notification settings, click the More (…) menu, then Profile, then any group. Within each group, there is a settings option. Inside of those settings, You can adjust Email Notification and Push Notifications. Push Notifications are controlled within your phone settings.

  6. How do I reset my password?
    - At the login screen for the app, any user can select forgot password. They will be taken to another screen to enter their email and have the a reset link emailed to them. The church office cannot reset password for you.

  7. How do I change contact information?
    - From within the More menu (...), click on Profile to update any personal information. Only information for you and your family can be updated. Information on a non-family member should be updated by the individual user or email that information to

  8. What if a group I am member of is missing or I am listed in a wrong group, what do I do?
    - Email group member information to for updating.

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