We don't define success as a church by how many people we have in rows on Sundays, but by how many we have gathered in circles in small groups, life groups, and support groups throughout the week. We strongly believe that groups are a crucial part of spiritual growth and we want everyone at ILPC to have a safe place to belong & grow with people who care for them and love them unconditionally. 

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Sunday Morning Groups

Non-Sunday Campus Groups

all Sunday groups currently meet at 9:15am

Senior Adult Women - Bible Studies for Life
Leader(s): Elizabeth Carnahan & Darlene Stringfellow
Location: ILPC Room 303

Senior Adult Co-Ed - Explore the Bible
Leaders: Bobby Morris
Location: ILPC Community Room

Adult Co-Ed
Leaders: Mike Henry
Location: ILPC Room 248

Adults - Co-Ed 
Leader(s): Rick Willey
Location: ILPC Choir Room

Adult Co-Ed
Leader(s): Ron and Tina Foster
Location: ILPC Worship Center

Women - Women of the Word
Leader(s): Cindy Edwards & Renea Bentley
Location: ILPC Grey Room

Parents Co-Ed - The Gospel Project
Leader(s): Drew Altom
Location: ILPC Room 239

    Next Generation Groups

ILPC YOUTH (6-12th grade)
Leader(s): Brennan Washington
Location: The Refinery

Children (K-3rd grade)
Leader(s): Jennifer Altom
Location: ILPC Black Room

Kids (4th-5th grade)
Leader(s): Sally Shutt
Location: Room 223

Preschool (Birth - 2yo)
Leader(s): Cathy Dodd & Marie Clendening
Location: ILPC Green Room

Preschool (3yo-PreK)
Leader(s): Diana Barr and Susan Mayo
Location: ILPC Pink Room


Senior Adult Women
Leader(s): Susan Mayo
Time: Thursdays @10am

Women - The Real God
Leader(s): Sandra Glasgow Creekmore
Time: 1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Adult - Co-Ed - Caring for the Caregiver
Leader(s): LeEllen Claud & Tracy Schenk
Location: ILPC Common Grounds
Time: 2nd & 4th Mondays @ 6:30pm

Adult Co-Ed - FIT 4 LIFE
Leaders: Caitlyn Cochran
Location: ILPC Gym
Time: Mondays 6:15-715pm; Wednesdays 8:15-9:15am; Saturdays 8-9pm

Women - Women's Bring-Your-Own-Lunch Fellowship
Leader(s): Renea Bentley
Location: ILPC Pavilion
Time: Fridays @ 11:30am

College/Young Adult Bible Study
Leader(s): Johnny Pons
Time: Thursdays @ 7pm



Affinity Groups

Saturday Sabbath Explorers - Co-Ed
Leader(s): Kathy and Johnny Pons
Time: Every Other Saturday
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Master's Gardeners - Co-Ed
Leader(s): Johnny Pons
Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
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Monday Men's Supper Club
Leader(s): Jason Cline
Time: Mondays
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Weekly Walkers - Co-Ed
Leader(s): Robin Mefford
Time: Mondays @ 8am
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Art with a Heart - Co-Ed
Leader(s): Susan Mayo
Time: Thursdays @ 1pm
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Golfers - Men
Leader(s): Stan Hardaway
Time: TBD
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Basketballers - Co-Ed
Leader(s): Tyler Fults
Time: Thursdays @ 7pm
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